Student’s User Account Creation and Identification Card Validation

Freshmen, Transferees and Old returning students

  1. Proceed to the Circulation Desk
  2. In case the Identification Card is not yet available, present OAD Form 6 and let the Library staff on duty countersign it.
  3. Fill up the Patron’s Data Form and return it for encoding.
  4. As final step, a patron’s photo will be taken
  5. Once user account is created, the patron may borrow books for home reading.
  6. Upon release of Identification Card, students must return for counter signing.


Higher Years or Old Students

  1. Proceed at the Circulation Desk or Reference Section. Let the Head of Reader’s Services Countersign the Identification Card or the Filipiniana librarian at the Filipiniana Section in the absence the Head of Reader’s Services.
  2. Show the countersigned Identification Card at the Circulation Desk to the assigned library staff.
  3. Once activated, you may borrow books for home reading.


Reminder: Always protect the CLSU ID barcode. Use a transparent ID Card holder.



This is provide referral letter to students /faculty/staff who will research to other libraries to obtain the needed information which the University Library cannot offer.

  • Proceed at the University Librarian’s office.
  • The Secretary will ask you to sign in the Referral Letter Logbook and inform you return after one day.
  • You will affix your initial against your name before the issuance of the referral letter.



  • Proceed at the University Librarian’s office.
  • If you have an accountability:

* For overdue fine, you are advised to settle first your accountability by paying the fine at the Collecting Officer.

* For lost books, you are advised to report to the University Librarian.

* If you don’t have accountabilities or already settled your accountability, you will sign in the Logbook of Clearance for students.

*The Secretary will initial the Clearance form and advise you to proceed to the University Librarian to sign your clearance.



  • Proceed at the Serials Section.
  • Present your Identification card and letter of referral from your institutions.
  • Pay 30 pesos(per visit) as visitors fee.
  • You are allowed to photocopy library materials within the Library only.